Business Developer Germany (H/F)

My Little Paris is hiring!


My Little Paris ( is a French media and e-commerce group set up since 2008. With more than 130 employees, it addresses a community of 5 million people all over the world, primarily focusing on France, Germany, and Japan. Our signature skill? Our capacity to share and tell stories with a unique tone and that "je ne sais quoi" on how to generate word of mouth for our products and content.

The group specialises in e-commerce subscription services and has launched 3 businesses that are available in Germany:
-My Little Box (, the monthly happiness package, filled with lifestyle accessories and beauty products which has acquired more than 150,000 subscribers worldwide.
-Gambettes Box ( shakes up 40,000 closets in Europe every month with 2 pairs of tights, designed in Paris.
-Gina ( offers women a subscription of 100% organic period products: pads and tampons and panty liners. We will be launching in Germany in the coming weeks.
Today, My Little Paris is present in 13 countries, in Europe and in Japan, with offices in Paris, Berlin and Tokyo.

Job Description

We are looking for someone who knows Germany, and who knows it well. What do we mean by this? We want someone who can sense, explain and break down the market differences between Hamburg and München, Düsseldorf and Berlin. Someone who knows why Germans are not a fan of credit cards as a method of payment and that Saint Nicholas is mostly fun for kids. This certain "someone" doesn’t necessarily have to be German, but must speak and write fluently in the language and could eat Bretzels for the rest of his/her life.

Are you looking for/to:

A job that will change your life.
Develop your German market expertise.
Daily exciting challenges and workdays where you'll never be bored.
Travel. A lot of them. Through Germany and to our Paris headquarters.
Create a new way of working.

You will:

Work on our 2 businesses currently available in Germany - My Little Box & Gambettes Box - with the imminent launch of Gina on the horizon.

Draw up strategies to establish our brands in Germany according to market specificities (regions, cities, seasons, local trends…) & establish us as the leading actor of the German Boxes market.
It will encompass:
-marketing: partnerships with key local players (influencers, start-ups, brands, concept stores…)
-PR & events (German tour, pop up stores…)
-digital acquisition hacks (budget investment split, tools, targeting, message…)
-and any other bright ideas you may have

Develop synergies and best practices between the 3 businesses. Test what works on one brand and apply it to another then analysing its performance, mutualize events, PR, partnerships and more.

Challenge our French & German team to grow better together. We have an office and a team of 4 in Berlin as well as 1 German-speaking growth manager based in Paris.

Preferred Experience

You have...

experience in managing large cross-functional projects and confident in working with internal and external stakeholders
at least 2 years of solid work experience in business development, management consulting or entrepreneurial positions
logical thinking and strong analytical skills, excited to work with numbers and data sets

You are...

sunny and sociable, easy to get along with.
have a genuine hunger for digital innovations> You are aware and connected to the German start-up scene.
an expert on the German market and are always aware of what’s trendy in Germany: new stores, restaurants, beauty brands, artists, entrepreneurs, influencers…
Creative…but organised. Someone who has the capacity to think of 100 ideas every hour but also can follow up on 99 projects without skipping a deadline or missing an umlaut on a word. You know how to prioritise, and you are reliable.
addicted to challenges, never taking things personally, and happy to evolve in a work environment where everything changes all the time…let's change the world!
hands on, resourceful, enthusiast, humble, eager to learn.
in love with baguettes and Simone de Beauvoir, and is happy to take regular trips to the City of Lights!

If so...then you're the person we want!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 September 2019
  • Location: Berlin, Germany (10119)
  • Experience: > 2 years